From the director of the School of Performing Arts, Groningen, the Netherlands:

  • “… Pieter is a very enthusiastic teacher; one that manages through his own passion for the theatre to inspire his students. He is able to maintain the professional and academic demands necessary for the development of the student, without losing sight of their individuality…”

  • “… His work for our Bachelor Programme (HBO) as well as in our Preparatory Programme (Vooropleiding) has demonstrated his ability to work effectively with all age groups and to offer coursework that is both appropriate and inspiring for each individual level…”

  • Marc Maris (Dramaturgist /Artistic Consultant): ... I wasn't that experienced yet in translating my theoretical ideas into something that became alive on the stage, so I asked Pieter Ruigrok van der Werve to co-create Sarah Kane's Crave with me, him being the director. As he is an extremely experienced and sensible person, he gave me the opportunity to continuously have an inspiring and constructive dialogue that sharpened the production. Together with the actors we created a phenomenal work that echoed far beyond anything I expected. Working with Pieter was inspiring, defiant, excitatory and a lot of fun!