Thespis Consultancy focuses on the following three disciplines:



Dare to express yourself!

For actors, actresses, dancers and musicians. Privately or for schools and clubs. In short: for all of those would like to improve their drama skills. One-to-one or group lessons -we are making sure we give you our full attention. The lessons consist of two parts: practical and theory. Practical: a variety of exercises aiming to feel confident on stage and able to perform the basics of the performing arts. Theory: The course of action in the Aristotelian drama. The theory laid out by Aristotle about two thousand years ago -and still very much alive and kicking!


The correct use of your voice. Absolutely necessary for those who use their voice professionally: speakers, singers, teachers, presenters. Learn or improve your breathing technique, the use of your thoracic diaphragm and your sinuses: it’s the base of proper breathing and the support of your voice.


For those who speak in public. At meetings, gatherings, TV, film or radio.
Always wanted to captivate an audience? You’re asked to make a presentation and not sure how to do that?
Learn how to breath properly (see voice coaching) and to project your voice. We work on how to present your passion on a subject to an audience. Don’t imitate someone else: be yourself!