About Me

Actor, director, drama teacher and playwright Pieter Ruigrok van der Werve (the Netherlands, 1960) has a long experience in theatre. In 1981 he followed the propaedeutic year at the School of Performing Arts, Amsterdam, the Netherlands -after which he surprisingly choose a career with British Airways. This led him to all major cities in the world –and many destinations in Africa- vowing to come back at some point to start a career there.

After five years he returned to the theatre as production leader and assistant director for a variety of producers and theatre companies. In 1994 Pieter accepted the role of Harry in the new Dutch version of the still popular musical My Fair Lady, followed by understudy Peron in Evita, and lastly Singin’ in the Rain, with Holland’s most important producers: Endemol Theatre Productions.

After more than 600 performances, he decided that directing and teaching were more fulfilling than being on stage, a career move that led him to the School of Performing Arts of the Hanze University, Groningen, the Netherlands where he became drama teacher, a job he held for eight years.

In 2012 Pieter left the Netherlands to start a new chapter in his life. After four months in South Africa (teaching English and drama), and a year in Kisumu, Kenya (teaching English and drama), he found himself in Rwanda: starting Thespis Consultancy.

Since 2014 Thespis Consultancy has organised drama & dramaturgy workshops at the Goethe Institut, and provide drama lessons and dramaturgy for the Root Foundation, ISKR International School of Kigali, Akagera TV-Productions, 94HISTUDIO Film-Productions, Talking Through Arts, City Arts, as well as individuals. Thespis Consultancy advises individuals and schools with limited financial means on a voluntary basis.

My Philosophy

Pieter’s ambitions are clear: advise and participate in any way to promote the performing arts in Rwanda. Already given two workshops at the Goethe Institut in 2014 and 2015, and starting to share his knowledge and experience with those less fortunate: at schools, orphanages or projects for street children.