Shortly About Me

Actor, director, drama teacher and playwright Pieter Ruigrok van der Werve (The Netherlands, 1960) has a long experience in theatre. In 1981 he finished his propaedeutic year at the School of Performing Arts, Amsterdam,


  • Workshops Drama & Dramaturgy, Goethe Institut, Kigali;
  • Writer/Director ‘Romeo and Juliet’: Albertus Magnus, Groningen, The Netherlands;
  • Director: ‘Crave’ by Sarah Krane for the Performing Arts Festival, Groningen,Netherlands, receiving five Cardozo-awards nominations from the Groningen University Theatre Society.;
  • Drama teacher: Hanze University, School of Performing Arts, Groningen, the Netherlands;
  • The Noorderlingen Theatre Group, Groningen: Producer for the plays Doodstil and Desdemona;
  • Het Oranjehotel Theatre Group, Amsterdam: Producer for the plays Antonius and Cleopatra and De NieuweTijd;
  • Melody Musical Productions, Hoorn: Actor/singer in the production of Singin’ in the rain;
  • Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions, Aalsmeer: Actor/singer in the productions of My Fair Lady and Evita.

What we do

  • Drama coaching

  • Presentation technique

  • Voice coaching

My Philosophy

Pieter’s ambitions are clear: advise and participate in any way to promote the performing arts in Rwanda. Already given two workshops at the Goethe Institut in 2014 and 2015, and starting to share his knowledge and experience with those less fortunate: at schools, orphanages or projects for street children.